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【Important information】Once again, remind on-campus personnel to wear masks when entering medical facilities. Please refer to the regulations set forth by CDC and the Ministry of Education for further guidance.


Dear all faculty, staff, and students,

While COVID-19-related epidemic preventive policies have been relaxed, entering hospitals still carry a higher risk for contracting respiratory infectious diseases. Therefore, we kindly request all faculty, staff, and students to remind each other of the following regulations:


1. According to the announcement from Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, starting from August 15, 2023, hospitals, clinics, general nursing homes, and elderly care institutions are still classified as places where mask-wearing is required. (Link: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/Bulletin/Detail/ENDXApk8Brmvo9ZpJEuOlw?typeid=9)

2. According to the official document from the Ministry of Education dated August 1, 2023, the health center in the campus follows the mask-wearing regulations outlined for designated locations (healthcare institutions).(Link: https://mybox.ncku.edu.tw/navigate/s/00F9CFF334CF4BBDA8F259A739C8148BGSY)

3. Given the above regulations, please wear masks throughout the entire duration of your visit (except during mealtime) when entering NCKU hospital (including the B1 cafeteria), other medical facilities, or Health Center, including while queuing or participating in discussions.


Best Regards,

Health Center, Center for Occupational safety and Health and Environmental Protection, NCKU

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