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◆The advantages of the Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems

The Institue of Manufacturing Information and Systems, since its establishment over twenty years ago, has cultivated a reputation as a solid foundation for research and development.

It is the eminent Manufacturing Engineering Institute in Taiwan. It has a track record of outstanding and abundant research results, and it works closely with corporations and engineers from industry.

In the future, the manufacturing industry will become more precise, systematic, and rely more on high technology. The need of engineers with the skills and capability of system integration is growing. This institute is the only advanced academic unit that encompasses the fields of system integration, management, information technology, engineering and manufacturing technology in the country.

With the interdisciplinary and diverse backgrounds of faculty and students, this institution serves an active role in developing excellent engineers and leaders in the manufacturing industry by giving them the expertise and skills they required.

Every member of the staff actively conducts research for both academic enrichment and also for practical application.

The fruits of our research projects have been ample and noteworthy. Since the Institute’s establishment, all professors have actively engaged in National Science Council (NSC) funded projects. In 2007, each professor had an average of 2.8 MOST and Industry-University Cooperative Research projects and an average of 3.6 SCI/SSCI academic research papers. In addition, professors and students have received following awards: MOST Outstanding Research Award, MOST Outstanding Industry-University Cooperative Research Award, Ministry of Education Outstanding Industry-Academy Cooperation Award, National Innovation Gold Medal, and Eight research papers received Acer Long-term Awards, and Four received International Conference on Management and Technology Awards. These research achievements are the foundations of our institute’s success.

The Institute is also acknowledged and affirmed by the industry. Professors are not only invited by the corporation and industry to research on the application of manufacturing technology every year but also form an “eManufacturing and Automation service team” that guides many enterprises to implement eManufacturing and automation.