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Academic Profile

Academic Profile
◆Goals and Objectives

Major Fields:

Group A: Automatic Control, Automation Technology, Principle and Applications of Laser.

Group B: e-Manufacturing, Manufacturing Automation, Manufacturing Management, and e-Business.

Group C:e-Manufacturing , Enterprise Engineering and Integration, Database Technology and Management, and Information Systems and Apllications.

◆Research Directions

To keep with the national policy and school development plan, the institute continuously innovates its research directions and encourages post-doctoral researchers to participate in the research projects. Current research topics are as follows.

  1. Advanced Machinery Technology: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Remote Diagnosis and Maintenance, Single-Chip Applications, and Lasers Processing.
  2. e-Manufacturing: Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation, Virtual Metrology, and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.
  3. Manufacturing Systems: e-Business, Enterprise Engineering and Integration, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Information Systems.
  4. Manufacturing Management: Production and Operation Management, Lean Production and Services, Manufacturing System Simulation, Facilities Planning, and Supply Chain Management.
  5. Healthcare Information System:Embeded System and Applications, Scheduling Algorithms, User Interface Architectures and Technologies for building healthcare assistive devices and cloud computing services.
  6. Wireless Information System:Mobile Computing, Location and Trajectory Management, Spatial Databases, Performance Evaluation.