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  Manufacturing Information and Systems IMIS   
  Except for seminar and dissertation courses, at least 18 credits from manufacturing-related courses are required for Doctoral Program graduation and 24 credits from manufacturing-related courses are required for Master Program graduation.  
  SEMINAR: (1) (2) (3) (4)  
  Class:MD  Credits:3  
  CSN. Course Name
  P950300 Manufacturing Systems
  P951500 Enterprise Engineering and Integration
  P953200 E-Manufacturing(Taught in English)
  P953500 Real-Time System
  P951600 Manufacturing System Management
  P961500 Advanced Distributed Data Management
  P953600 Database Management Systems and Practice
  P953100 C# Programming Design
  P962000 Special Topics on Intelligent Machine
  P962100 Optimization Theory and Statistical Data Science(Taught in English)
  P953400 Android Application
  P961400 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems(Taught in English)
  P952300 Implementation of E-Manufacturing
  P952500 Theory and Practice of Advanced Automation
  P961000 Manufacturing System Simulation
  P961900 Lean Enterprise Systems  
  P961800 Cyber Physical System  
  P970400 Operations Research Applications and Implementation  
  P953700 Mobile Computing and Wireless Data Management  
  P950900 Manufacturing Information Systems  
  P951900 Computer Aided Manufacturing  
  P952600 Special Topics of Machine Tool  
  P953300 Image Processing and Software Implementation  
  P960700 Productivity and Efficiency Analysis(Taught in English)  
  P961700 The Mind of The Strategist  
  P970500 Theory and Implementation of Advanced Android  
  P970600 Smart Business  
  P970700 Scheduling Theory and Application(Taught in English)  
  P980400 Data-driven intelligent industrial systems  


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